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We’re often told that the outside doesn’t matter, but the inside is what matters. But what happens when in a specific environment, certain outfit will give you the confidence to act a certain way when you interact with someone? How often does a good coat make you feel confident and guide you towards a successful day?
Kipa wants to make everyone that wears any of the company’s products to feel like a champion. Every pieces is created under a process that involves creativity and affection. Our tailors work the products with much care and love so that the clients are feeling comfortable and loving what they wear.
Even from the beginning, Kipa stood out from other brands because often times it has proven to be very flexible when they had to create a specific design for a client, always keeping in mind what the client wants . Besides creating and designing clothes Kipa offers the following services:

  1. Clothing design services and a large selection of clothing and colors to pick from so that no matters if you are a school, a sports club or a factory you can stand out with your brand.
  2. Kipa has an outstanding customer services so in case you need our company to take the measurements for the school uniforms and interact directly with the parents, we can do so. Our dedicated staff will mentain the relationship with the parents so that they make sure that the final product complies with their requests and standards

In case you’re interested in sports equipments, school uniforms or working uniforms that you can’t see on our website we invite you to write us an e-mail and a sales representative will answer as soon as possible.

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